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Band Most Likely to Vote Tory Upset by Tories

Britain is fast approaching election time, so sorry readers from everywhere else in the world but you’re going to have to put up with stories about politicians and their inevitably ill-advised forays into music. Barack Obama managed to get Will.i.am to promote his campaign for US President, but the British Conservative party could only get an old Keane song to play in the background of their manifesto launch.

What’s funny about this is that Keane, the soppy, simpering indie act you’d most expect to vote for a bunch of right wing public school terrors, are upset at this, with their lead singer tweeting: "Told the Tories played Keane at their manifesto launch. Am horrified. To be clear – we were not asked. I will not vote for them." While we sympathize with them not being asked, exactly what reputation are they trying to defend?

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