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Bataclan survivor hits out at Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes

Bataclan survivor hits out at Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes

A survivor of the Bataclan disaster has hit out at Jesse Hughes, singer of Eagles of Death Metal, for his comments suggesting it could've been avoided if the venue's security were armed with guns and that they - along with other security - may have been in on it.

The disaster saw 89 of the band's fans murdered.

Here's how the response statement from the survivor goes:

"I love your [band's] music, your concerts mostly (such fun, wild shows) and man, I never thought that you would become one of those spreaders of fear. Fox News, Trump, all those guys. You always felt like a maverick, a rebel: we now know that you are not. We (and by that I mean the rebels, the mavericks, the rock crowd) always loved and defended you because you were a lovable fool and kind of a dumb fuck, like the Three Stooges or Tex Avery’s wolf. You now proved your stupidity to be fucking dangerous."

He continues: "Your comments reopened a nasty wound. So you say the security crew was in on it and was warning every Arab they saw. See, as you can see on this picture some guy took at the scene a few minute before your show began, I happen to be an Arab and to look very much like one. I got a big black curly beard and the skin tone to match it. I also happen to live and breathe rock n’ roll. It is, my wife’s love aside, the single most important thing in my life. So of course, that warm November night, I was among the crowd at the Bataclan. Wasn’t gonna miss an Eagles of Death Metal concert, and it was only the first of eight rock shows I had lined up that week.

"You say Islam is the problem. I say: “All you fucking bigots and your fairytale shit stories are the problem. Racism and refusal to recognize one another as complex (more complex than ethnicity or race can explain) human beings is the problem. Reducing others to what you think you know is the problem.

"Just come back to the real spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, which is that a good rock show should make you wanna fuck or fight. Not rally a nasty conservative politician."

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