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Beach House consider suing VW

Get Your Law On

If you’ve not been following the Beach House vs. Volkswagen flap, a quick summary: VW’s ad agency approached Beach House about using their track ‘Take Care’ in an advert, but the band turned them down. The agency then contacted them an alleged five more times before they gave up, and the advert was then produced using music that sounds to a lot of people like the Beach House song. Fans got upset, the war hit the web, and VW had issued a typically bullshit press release that spends most of the time selling the advert rather than explaining.

Now, this is the litigious twenty first century, so you’d think a law suit would be in order. But Beach House have told The Wall Street Journal that while they’re thinking of suing VW, they fear the financial costs. The legal system favours people with bags of money to tie things up until their weaker rivals run out. It’s not even as if Beach House fans can boycott them and make a difference.

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