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Bestival has fallen out with the police

Bestival has fallen out with the police
Over the years we’ve seen a lot of disagreements between people organising festivals and those hired, and there’s always a lot of gossip and rumours involved. But we’ve never seen this happen with the PoPo.
So, Bestival 2019: on the evening of March 6th 2019, Rob da Bank tweeted this about Bestival: “There are some very odd and frankly completely fabricated and totally untrue stories circulating right now… watch this space.” Normally that would be a sign the gossip was gossip, but there’s the thing: a recent statement there was no 2019 festival came from the cops.
Here’s Dorset Police via ITV: “The payment of our 2018 policing services invoice, totalling £141,176 to cover our policing of both Camp Bestival and Bestival is still outstanding… We’ve not received any full or part payment towards this… Some time ago we were informed by the new event owners that there are no plans to run a Bestival 2019 event.”
So, err, yeah. Best pay that one.

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