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Beyonce trying to get Jay Z and Kanye to make friends

Beyonce trying to get Jay Z and Kanye to make friends

Following a rather public spat, Beyonce is supposedly urging Jay Z and Kanye West to make friends.

According to a source, Beyonce is "urging Jay to let bygones be bygones, and Jay is coming round to the idea and fast as he sees Kanye is in trouble. No matter what has happened between them, Kanye has always been Jay’s little bro and Jay has always called him his ‘familia’.”

They reportedly told the paper: “When Kanye’s mother Donda died, it was Bey and Jay that Kanye turned to. They were his number one comforters, with Beyoncé even playing Connect 4 with him to take his mind off things. They’re now planning to reach out to Kanye quietly and in private to avoid any media storm but just to let him know they are there for him.”

Jay Z is known to have been Kanye's mentor historically.

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