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my grey horse release new video 'Big Night'

my grey horse release new video 'Big Night'

A car crash, a crushed bike and a possible suicide all feature in the new video from Stratford-Upon-Avon's my grey horse.

It starts with a bang. Drums and guitar drop and chop in unison. A light keyboard figure sits atop the groove with the sort of generous simplicity that suggests familiarity even on first listen.

With welcome similarities to Grandaddy’s’ ‘The Crystal Lake’, ‘Big Night’ shows my grey horse dusting down possibly their most catchy and incessant melody yet. The vocal sways and swoons, harmonies build with a teasing tug of euphoria before matters draw to an abrupt end, begging for the replay button to be struck.

‘Broken and dumb’ as the refrain goes. ‘Big Night’ shows that my grey horse are unlikely to ever be either. This is yet another great leap forward.

October 2013 Live:

8th October - Buffalo Bar, London

Head over to my grey horse's official website for more information.

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