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Big Thief release a truly romantically recorded single

Big Thief release a truly romantically recorded single
Big Thief are mounting something of a comeback, but the story behind their new song ‘Certainty’ is the most wonderfully romantic thing and we’ll let them tell it. Context: there was a mass power outage in the area:
“On the third day of the outage, I found Adrianne on the porch writing a new song, so I sat with her and we finished it together, with the rain falling from the gutters splashing over our guitars… James and Sam saw us writing, and quickly set up a four-track tape machine in the kitchen, powered by the F250 cigarette lighter out in the yard. They set up the drums by the sink, and Max plugged his bass into a Bluetooth speaker set on top of the stove.
“Take 2 had a great bark from Sam and Hannah’s pup Jan during the solo, but we ended up going with take 3 because it took us about that long to learn the chords. Then we made pancakes and sausages and ate breakfast for dinner.”
The song is a piece of chilled ramshackle brilliance.

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