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Billie Eilish got the fear over her album release

Billie Eilish got the fear over her album release
Billie Eilish might be one of the big new hits of 2019, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to doubt. If you’ve listened to her fantastic debut album you’d suspect she’d have her share of worries, and if you’ve ever published anything you created, then you’ll be totally understand what she told Billboard: she was afraid of releasing her album even a day before it dropped:
“I’ve never felt that way, where it’s my child and I don’t want anybody’s hands on it… [It’s rare] to actually really fuck with what you make and create. I didn’t want the world to be able to tell me how they feel about this thing I love.”
Yep, we’ve been there. However, such was Billie’s great voice the album brought critical and commercial acclaim, and she’s already being promoted up festival stages while saving many fans in their dark times.

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