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Birdeatsbaby go for 70s horror (Gore warning)


We’re all in favour of bands who have the sense of humour / horror to kill themselves off in videos, especially if they’ve made a rough, raw looking video that reminds us of those mid era horror classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

And Birdeatsbaby have just done that in Feast of Hammers, with a group of what are best described as forest dwelling freaks kidnapping and trying to kill a band they’ve become obsessed with through TV. Whether you’ll actually like this video depends on your stomach for horror style gore, as someone’s head does get smashed open by a hammer (there is a censored version, but can you imagine the complaints if we put that up…)

But, having said all this, I am slightly worried by this: will the video overshadow what’s actually an accomplished and interesting song? Or should the fact they’re called Birdeatsbaby mean everyone is fore-armed? An album will be out soon.

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