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Black Deer Festival: Early Bird Tickets Available

Black Deer Festival: Early Bird Tickets Available
If you’ve been following the Black Deer Festival across these pages, you’ll know this new event celebrated Americana music (oh, the music!), food (the food!), dress (stylish) and everything else. We had a great time at the festival, as did thousands of others, but for us it was brilliant to see students from Supajam’s educational programmes watch acts they had organised take to the stage.
If you’re intrigued, you can get on board for next year as a super limited number of early bird tickets are on sale now. They’re £90 each for camping or £75 each non camping, but let’s be honest you don’t want to go on your own so if you buy three, you get your fourth free, which lowers the cost and helps get your party in.
The 2019 dates are June 21/22/23 rd, and you can buy at this link: https://blackdeerfestival.com/tickets/

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