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Black Deer Festival Release More Tickets

Black Deer Festival Release More Tickets
Sometimes here at SupaJam we get involved in something that really takes our breath away. Well, this summer it was of course the magnificent Black Deer Country Music and Americana Festival in the sunny South East.
Well for those of you that...
a) didn't go
b) realise the huge mistake you made by not going
c) thought everything with American roots meant you had to agree with Donald Trump
...now is your chance to make amends, take control of your life and support the fact that Trump is a twat and he doesn't represent America, it's roots, food, culture or music.
After it's magnificent inaugural year in the long hot, country music filled summer of 2018 the festival is back for 2019 and YOU can grab your early bird ticket below.
Just in case you're wondering why SupaJam is pushing Black Deer so much, apart from the fact that it was quite frankly the best festival of the year, it's because the team behind Black Deer support all the work we do with young people and kindly gave SupaJam its own stage to curate and run so all could be involved and learn first hand.
You can grab your early bird tickets for June 21st to 23rd 2019 from the link below:
You can see what The Guardian found out about SupaJam and its work with young people on this link below:

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