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Black Deer Festival and Supajam: A Behind the Scenes View

Black Deer Festival and Supajam: A Behind the Scenes View
Supajam’s educational wing have been working with Black Deer Festival to both curate a stage and give young people real industry experience. One of them, Katie, is a regular blogger and has been writing about the view from behind the curtain. Part One of her blog is below, and Part Two can be found here.
PART 1 (of 5):
Today’s the Day
If you’re like me, you like to be aware of what’s going on – so things like surprises are a bit of a no go.
That being taken into consideration, you can imagine my frustration when college told us ‘’we have big news coming soon!’’
What does that even mean?
Are we getting a longer break? That would be nice.
What about free concert tickets? We’re a music college after all so it would be educational and possible, I guess?
No, I was wrong.
‘We’re going to be doing a festival’.
Wait what? Thats even better than a longer break or concert tickets.
We’re doing a festival and getting to run a stage, I’m so excited!
We’re doing a festival and getting to run our own stage at an Americana and country festival for three days…
Umm, Americana and country music isn’t even that big in the U.K is it?
Well that was what I thought at least.
A tap of the cowboy boots and the Black Deer Festival had just opened a whole new universe.
A Universe I didn’t even know existed.
These days mainstream music is so commercial. The days of Etta James and Nina Simone are long gone, or so I thought. But, country seems to remember that with music comes passion and to my recent knowledge, with country music comes the truth.
When I was told we were going to be involved in Black Deer, I’m going to be honest I remember thinking ‘’say what, country’s a bit naff isn’t’ it?’ But it isn’t. The likes of Sarah Darling, Kane Brown and Luke Combs proved differently. Country has gone well above expectations and unlike some music it seems artists are selling just their music and not also their image or sexuality.
The opportunity seems to have gone from ‘we’re being part of a festival, ok’ to ‘we’re being part of a festival with soul, passion and an underrated lifestyle!’ Something that in my opinion seems to be a rare thing these days.
Bring on the 22nd of June, where Nashville will come to Tunbridge Wells and then we can explore the music and lifestyle first hand for a full three days.
Katie x

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