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Black Deer Festival announce Desertscene team up and more bands

Black Deer Festival announce Desertscene team up and more bands
You already know that Supajam’s students are curating a stage at the Black Deer Festival of Americana, but now we can announce another set of curators. No less than promoters Desertscene will be in charge of the Roadhouse Stage at the 2019 event, bringing psych, blues rock and plenty of fuzz. 
Here’s Desertscene explaining why they’ve agreed: "Americana runs through our blood, even if it may be on the louder side of the spectrum, Desertscene has always been a celebration of the unique sound that was originally born out of the Palm Desert in California. Those undeniable low desert tones have taken a universal leap over the last 20 years; with a vast, progressive and unstoppable influence that has not only created a staggering array of musical talent, but an underground culture that few other genres could fathom…It was a no-brainer “YES!” when Black Deer asked us to curate The Roadhouse for 2019, the core values shared between Desertscene and Black Deer are without question. There’s no doubt we have a bounty of heavy cross-over blues, psych and rock’n'roll to showcase, but it’s the support of underground cultures and the appreciation of story telling that makes us align so seamlessly.”
So, who’s playing the Roadhouse Stage? “Please welcome from the sprawling plains of the USA, whiskey-fuelled, foot-stompin' blues rock’n’rollers LEFT LANE CRUISER and renowned hard-rock psych power trio RADIO MOSCOW, Icelandic riff-lovers THE VINTAGE CARAVAN, otherworldly masters of the jam ASTEROID, fuzzy proto-rockers THE BLACK WIZARDS, 70s doom worship in the form of DUEL, London’s own psychedelic stalwarts STUBB and the howling sound of MOUNTAINS.
We’ve got a bunch more killer bands, custom bikes and some notorious after-show shenanigans all still to be announced.”
Tickets are on sale from here: https://blackdeerfestival.com/tickets/

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