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Black Deer Focus: 1968

Black Deer Focus: 1968
Sorry to disappoint anyone who saw the title and thought we’d be doing a historical overview of a Black Deer festival held in 1968: that year is actually the name of this week’s band. We’ve got to be real with you though, they aren’t the easiest act to Google, so you’ll need to know their 2018 album is called Ballads of the Godless, and from their the searching becomes easier.
Ballads lives up to it’s name, being forty minutes of prime Black Sabbath style early metal, doom rock, sludgey and the sounds of a slowly approaching hell. But in a good way. Their next album, Salvation If You Need, was recorded during the corona year and is coming out on 4/20, because of course.
We’ve got the whole of Ballads for you, thanks to a cheeky YouTuber. Black Deer Festival is being held 2021, June 18-20. Tickets from https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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