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Black Deer Focus: Amy Montgomery

Black Deer Focus: Amy Montgomery
Although we appreciate many sorts of voice, from the classical and operatic to the fun of musicals, sometimes you want to hear a singer who rounds raw and lived in. Step forward Amy Montgomery, who has a voice like the woods: turned into beautiful, rough shapes by the storms.
She comes from Ireland and performs with a backing pair, who you’ll see in the video below for ‘Tree Song (Nourish My Veins)’, and if you think our opening comparison was deliberately arboreal you’d be right. In it Amy has her face painted like an extinct Celtic warrior, and with that voice you wouldn’t be surprised if she’d spent two weeks in a forest with an iron axe.
We’ve also got her official video for Dangerous, and another cut from the same live session as Tree Song (The Analogue Garden sessions from Millbank Studios) called Meet You In The Sun, an out and out classic rocker. You’ll be able to see her at this year’s Black Deer Festival.


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