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Black Deer Focus: Arielle

Black Deer Focus: Arielle
Have you ever seen the TV series Nashville? Many members of the Supajam family are big fans, but have you ever looked closely at Avery? That there on guitar is a lady called Arielle, and she isn’t just an actress. She is, in fact, a skilled songwriter in her own right whose career is a fantastic mix: she has a degree from a musical institute, she has performed in musicals, she’s backed up big acts and carved her own solo country path. She does pretty much everything and still finds time for activism.
So what have we got for you today. The official video for ‘Voices in my Head’, the mental health anthem for the country inclined. We’ve got a version of Breaking Down recorded at Southampton’s Sofar Sounds, and California, because you’ve got to have a song called that haven’t you.
Arielle is playing the 2019 Black Deer Festival.

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