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Black Deer Focus: Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Black Deer Focus: Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Benjamin Dakota Rogers comes from Scotland… but not that one. He’s actually from Scotland, Ontario and he has a wonderful origin story: he inherited a violin from his great grandfather when he was seven. He just had to be a folk artist didn’t he.
Few musicians manage to describe their sound in an album title like Benjamin did with Whisky and Pine, although it’s his earlier release ‘Strongman’s Address to the Circus Crowd’ which inspires the most fantastic stories in our minds. There’s a rooted quality to his music, the parts of the world where a tree mixes in the soil, music which fits campfires in the countryside rather than a megalopolis.
We’ve got the music video for ‘Fare Thee Well’, an older cut called the Soldier Song which is live, and a thirty minute set filmed – also live – at the Duncan Showroom. His last album was 2019’s Better By Now, a title which might be true in six months time.
Benjamin Dakota Rogers performing on the Saturday of Black Deer Festival 2021. It takes place June 18-20 2021. Tickets from https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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