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Black Deer Focus: Ciara Rafferty

Black Deer Focus: Ciara Rafferty
If you finish this episode of Black Deer Focus and try to purchase Cíara Rafferty’s music, you’re only going to discover an EP because Cíara is still working on her debut album. This is normally a sign that the musician is at an early stage, that things might be raw, but the Wild EP is a fully formed, marvellously polished piece of country music, and her live performances show this isn’t studio trickery: she is a clear, crisp performer with an expert band. 
Cíara is based in London and has done a small series of Coffee and a Cover, with Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams being both a high point and again showing a higher level end product than many rising musicians in their lounges.
We’ve got her title track for you, but it’s live from the London Jukebox, as well as Lullaby live at London’s Pool Studios, and that FM cover. You can see Cíara at Black Deer Festival this summer.

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