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Black Deer Focus: David Migden and the Twisted Roots

Black Deer Focus: David Migden and the Twisted Roots
Welcome to a new season of Black Deer Focus, when we pick songs we think you’ll enjoy by the bands playing the 2021 Black Deer Festival. We start today with a song that we’ll have to be deliberately vague about. You’ll soon see why.
David Migden was born in Arkansas and moved to the UK as a teen, before teaming up with a band that were then called The Dirty Words and are now called the Twisted Roots. It was that second moniker which drew us to listen to the band first, but now we’ve heard their breakthrough song Second Hand Tattoo we just had to feature it… because we know someone it perfectly applies to. No names, you know who you are.
We’ve also got Hunters Moon, with it’s ‘doomed narration at 3am in the middle of a dark forest’ narration. Their music has a marvellous sense of suppressed chaos, like the car is coming off the road in the middle of the desert at any moment. Or is that just us. Work on a new album is progressing.

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