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Black Deer Focus: Ferris Sylvester

Black Deer Focus: Ferris & Sylvester
We’re here today to introduce Ferris & Sylvester, but in the photo above they’re actually the Sylvester and Ferris way round so sorry for confusion. Anyway, this are a pair who like to move fast. Although they’ve been musicians for a while, they’ve only been a team for a year and a half after meeting as regulars of the same venue (the Spiritual Bar in Camden if you want to get down there and look for your bandmates).
Having teamed up, things are moving quickly with global gigging, and they started out with their London kitchen as a studio and self released tunes which proved a hit on streaming platforms, making Ferris & Sylvester the sort of band who marry classic Americana music with state of the art auteurs. The recording budgets have increased as has the ambition of the band, and why not.
They can pick director’s too, as we’ve got some great videos for you below. London’s Blues is a very stylishly shot murder ballad which could easily be re-edited as an occult drama, while Sickness is absolutely our sort of crazy. The pair are playing the 2019 Black Deer festival.

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