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Black Deer Focus: Lucy Kitt

Black Deer Focus: Lucy Kitt
Your scribe first heard Lucy Kitt a few years ago when he was helping a project Supajam was running, although he’s not going to pretend that’s the reason she played the acoustic stage at Glastonbury in 2017 (and is playing at Black Deer in 2019). Rather, he’s going to say how very pleased he is to see her rise after years of hard work. 
It’s well deserved of course. Take a listen to the title track of her debut LP – Stand By – and you’ll hear a woman influenced by the sounds of seventies America, the type of music to warm you on a winter evening or accompany you on a summer walk. Then you can hear her sing Said And Done at the Mahogany Sessions from seven years ago, a sweet acoustic track that works perfectly with the very real birds tweeting along. Yunno, old fashioned vocal tweeting, not on their phones.
We’ve also got eight minutes of her at Glastonbury. If you like her, you can hear her this summer at Black Deer or buy her recently released debut LP, Stand By.

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