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Black Deer Focus: Ma Polaine’s Great Decline

Black Deer Focus: Ma Polaine’s Great Decline
We love a good band name at Supajam, and Ma Polaine’s Great Decline conjures so many mental images we just need to pause a moment before the music. A Western matriarch’s decline in the face of railways? A mobster’s widow facing a new gang? A once invulnerable soul decaying into dementia?
So many possibilities, and the good thing is the band offer just as many facets. They’re hard to pigeon-hole, with a conscious effort to absorb as many approaches as they can and be as experimental as they wish. We could just list lots of genres like folk, country, jazz and they would all be right. What is consistent is the core of Beth Packer and Clinton Hough.
The best thing to do is hear them. Their latest LP was 2018’s Outsider, but they have a catalogue you can dig into including the Suffer It Well EP, whose title track we have below. It features an accordion, a ramshackle blues and Beth’s vocals, weighed down with experience. We also have The Poison Sits, in which they sing ‘do I make you uncomfortable,’ and that gloriously is the idea of this twisted valentine. We’ve also got a live version of Lion’s Head, stripped back to just the core pair.
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline play Black Deer festival later this month.

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