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Black Deer Focus: Morganway

Black Deer Focus: Morganway
Having travelled the world in the first few episodes of Black Deer Focus, we’re now coming to East Anglia. This is both where your scribe is writing from and home to Morganway, but it doesn’t feel like local to me because their music is rooted in that classic west coast sound, evolved by mysticism and folk. We’ve not called it 70s west coast because, to be honest, this mix sounds timeless.
Front and centre in Morganway is SJ Mortimer, although the band was formed by the Morgan twins who play a multitude of roles. There’s actually six people in the group, providing a rich layer to the sound and we’re particularly impressed by the presence of Nicole Terry’s fiddle. 
We’ve got Devil’s Canyon and Let Me Go, performed live at Headline Music Studios, and we couldn’t resist their version of Jolene. You can hear them as Black Deer Festival this summer.

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