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Black Deer Focus: Native Harrow

Black Deer Focus: Native Harrow
Native Harrow is actually a young woman with the equally wonderful name Devin Tuel, in collaboration with Stephen Harms, and their journey has taken them to three albums. We say journey, because it takes a certain weight and release to name your latest LP ‘Happier Now’, and here’s Devin explaining:
“I wanted to share that I made it out of my own thunderstorm... I had experienced the high peaks and very low valleys of my twenties. I saw more of the world on my own, got through challenges, reveled in true moments of triumph… but all the while the world around me was growing louder, wilder, and scarier. Music for me is a place to be soft. This album was my place to feel it all.”
Their music is pastoral Americana, the sort that flows and enchants and blows on the wind. Today we have for you ‘Can’t Go On Like This’, which sounds so classic it could have been recorded in the sixties and got lost in a vault until now, a beautiful song about troubled times. We’ve also got the nearly seven minute long Way To Light, which throws an organ into the mix, and a small ‘Cellar Session’.
Black Deer Festival 2020 is at Eridge Park, Kent, June 19 to 21st. Tickets are on sale now: https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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