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Black Deer Focus: Powerhouse Gospel Choir

Black Deer Focus: Powerhouse Gospel Choir
You’ve got up later than normal than breakfast, you remember you’re at a music festival, you’re hungry but it’s too early for lunch. What better way to feed yourself at an event dedicated to the best Americana has to offer than to take the highest of roads to travel and rock up to Black Deer Festival’s Gospel Brunch and enjoy the varied and popular sounds of the Powerhouse Gospel Choir.
I mean we’ve posed that as an imagination piece but I fully expect it to happen as, well, it will be happening at Black Deer 2021. Now. We’ve got to be honest, they’re aren’t a great many videos of the Powerhouse Gospel Choir on the web which show them off fully, so we have a special treat instead: for Black History Month 2020 they did a full thirty minute set will give you some deeply moving but modern vibes and somehow no one has watched it yet. Let’s change that.
Black Deer Festival takes place June 18-20 2021. Tickets from https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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