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Black Deer Focus: Radio Moscow

Black Deer Focus: Radio Moscow
Obviously, a festival which focuses on the glorious music and food of Southern US culture has to reflect the broader events of the day, so what better link to America now than Moscow? Yes, Radio Moscow are a power trio from Iowa with one eye on the past and a zeitgeist name for the moment, although they’re actually five albums deep into a career which saw the Presidency come to them. 
They say their favourite era of music is 1965 – 1974, and they slam together the best of it with nods all over the guitar shop, from Cream to Led Zep through Sabbath. The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach produced their eponymous LP, but album five has signed a global deal and Radio Moscow are bringing their airwaves to the UK this summer at Black Deer Festival.
The only negative about the band is how we’re supposed to pick just a few tracks to show you when their catalogue is so long, but what’s this on YouTube, an entire album? Probably shouldn’t link that but it’s got two and a half million listens so I guess the copyright police aren’t coming. Enjoy forty four minutes of ‘Brain Cycles.’ Or just go to the second video, the tune 250 Miles.

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