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Black Deer Focus: Redwood

Black Deer Focus: Redwood
One of the great things about Black Deer Festival is that it’s not a cliché. While many people see a festival about all things Americana and deep south and imagine one sort of music, Black Deer are out there drawing together the many ranging influences. Which is why Redwood combine post-rock, emo, Foals artness and whatever genre the NME are calling The 1975 this week.
Take a spin of their Lay Your Love Down EP and people mired in cliché will be surprised, while those with already open mouths will be able to see the shared threads with the rest of the lineup as well as the differences. Redwood come from Hertfordshire UK, there’s five of them, and they’ve been supported by the tastemakers of rock as much as anything else, including the famously diverse Daniel P Carter.
Thanks to the magic of Bandcamp, we’ve got the whole Lay Your Love Down EP below, which you can purchase straight away for only fractionally more than a Costa coffee. Then you can come see the at the 2019 Black Deer Festival.

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