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Black Deer Focus: Roxanne de Bastion

Black Deer Focus: Roxanne de Bastion
As well as being the name of the best Dungeons and Dragons character ever, Roxanne de Bastion is a double threat. On the one hand, she writes folk-pop with a full, modern sound that works well both on the small stage and the radio waves; her 2017 LP Heirlooms and Hearsay really was the musical Hearsay you can love. H and H draws on family history and the brutality of the Second World War.
A dual threat? Yes, because Roxanne is speaking up for creatives and is a Director of the Featured Artist Coalition alongside actual Imogen Heap, and members of Radiohead and Blur.
We’ve got some of her tunes for you today, and we get very strong 90s indie vibes Rerun which we’ve got in a live session. There’s also a live trio of songs from the very good folks at For Folk’s Sake (this time without a band and is different again).

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