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Black Deer Focus: Steak

Black Deer Focus: Steak
Steak have an EP called Corned Beef Colossus.
I mean we’re won over already, but some of you might need more convincing, so here’s details: Steak are a four piece from London who sound like the goo that slowly gathers in a southern barbecue that’s been roasting pigs all day, and which is then put in the tank of a truck. Probably factually impossible, but we could explain we know a guy who ran a car on frying oil so your mileage may literally vary. 
Call it stoner, call it sludge, call it the fuzzy power of a very large thing moving slowly but unstoppably, it’s the sound of Steak. Their latest LP is No God To Save, and we’ve got a cut called Mountain (it sounds like the mountain is coming to crush you), and Living Like A Rat (if that rat was ripped to the tits on amphetamines). 
You can hear them at this year’s Black Deer Festival. https://blackdeerfestival.com

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