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Black Deer Focus: The Dead South

Black Deer Focus: The Dead South
Welcome one and all to the new season of Black Deer Focus, when we highlight bands you’re going to love which are also playing the 2020 Black Deer Festival (details below). We’re starting with a band we’ve had pencilled in for about three months because they are so good, and that’s the Dead South. 
Not only are the Dead South atop the billing, they have a new video and… we don’t know if they like being called horror country, but oh yes they are. For a start, that new video is for a song called Fat Little Killer Boy, which is bound to upset someone, not least the many people he kills. The video is a cool little cartoon, and the song is typical of their off kilter approach.
Their classics include That Bastard Son and the legendary Banjo Odyssey, aka the song that converts people. We’ve included it below along with their classic "In Hell I'll Be Good Company" which has had over 175 MILLION views and includes that nifty dance routine many will be trying , and failing, to copy at this years festival.
Black Deer Festival 2020 is at Eridge Park, Kent, June 19 to 21st. Tickets are on sale now: https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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