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Black Deer Focus: The Southern Companion

Black Deer Focus: The Southern Companion
2019’s Black Deer Festival feature a performance by The Southern Companion, which is also a handy alternative name for the festival.
Wait, we have to put more? But we’re so proud of that image? Oh ok.
The Southern Companion aren’t your average band, because with all due respect to many of the great acts gigging today their members haven’t done apprenticeships backing up the likes of Take That and Mel C, Tom Jones and Pete Townsend, Lulu and more. Yes, the Southern Companion is where grizzled sessions experts go to sit down, chill out and unleash their own take on music. They also feature in Wild Rose.
We’ve got for you the Under the Apple Tree session of ‘Feels Like Years’, a phrase that has never been used badly in connection with their music, and the sublime ‘Drive.’

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