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Black Deer Focus: The Trials of Cato

Black Deer Focus: The Trials of Cato
The Trials of Cato is a dangerous name for a band. On the one hand it’s instantly evocative, but you aren’t half leaving yourself open to some obvious jokes if people don’t like you. Luckily the aforementioned band haven’t run into that problem as they’re very good. So good, in fact, that they’ve been drawing rave reviews from the UK folk scene, with the praise reaching the hyperbolic levels of the folk Sex Pistols.
There’s three people in the band, and it’s worth checking out their imagery just to see how the people shown above have been turned into Birdbox watching medieval troubadours on the artwork for their album Hide and Hair. That’s not just a cheap joke about blindfolds, it’s a reflection of a sound that feels at once traditional, but also smartly modern. They pull this trick off on tracks like My Love’s In Germany, a song about your partner fighting a war which works well with male voices.
They’ve also got a good sense of humour, with their YouTube page declaring “The biggest British folk band to come out of the Levant.” You can see them at this year’s Black Deer Festival, and stream them below.

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