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Black Deer Focus: The Wandering Hearts

Black Deer Focus: The Wandering Hearts
We first saw The Wandering Hearts in a music video which perfectly fitted their sound: dusty roads, US flags, bourbon soaked vocals. You can see it below, and then you can join us in our amazement  that they formed in a pub in London and rehearsed in Crouch End. Truly are the cultural melting pot of great capitals beautiful.
The Wandering Hearts have a strong sound, in that the male and female vocals are powerful and clear, but they avoid the scuzz of many country bands. Instead they are crisp and glowing in their output. 
Their debut LP was ‘Wild Silence’, and we’ve got the title track below, in an acoustic version, and our favourite, a live version of If I Fall which shows them off wonderfully. 
They are playing the Black Deer Festival this summer: https://blackdeerfestival.com

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