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Black Deer Focus: True Strays

Black Deer Focus: True Strays
As readers of Supajam, you’ll know we’ve been talking a lot about both Black Deer bands and acts who had been performing during the pandemic: not in a stupid, doing and gig and killing everyone way, but in a supporting lockdown form. So, as some of you guessed, we had to feature True Strays at some point as not only are they scheduled for Sunday of the nation’s best Americana festival, they did a two man bubble performance of two top songs.
We’ve got ‘Like a Shadow’, with the vocalist on guitar and a cool double bass next door. The band are currently UK based, and took their current form after an early iteration… well let’s just say it didn’t last. They can roam over any genre that has a guitar in it, from 50s blues to 90s grunge, and we just had to include their cover of… Lizzo’s Juice. Yes really, it’s awesome. More of this please. They are heavier on Homesick Blues, a feeling many of you have as you’re stuck apart.
Black Deer Festival is being held 2021, June 18-20. Tickets from https://blackdeerfestival.com/

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