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Black Deer Focus: Whiskey Preachin

Black Deer Focus: Whiskey Preachin
So there’s a bit of a curve ball in this week’s Black Deer Focus. For the last few months we’ve brought acts you can see perform at the festival, along with music you can stream. The thing is, this week’s group aren’t a band or a solo artist, they’re DJs, and they’ll be doing at set at Black Deer. But there’s a twist…
Whiskey Preachin spread their love of southern music with a sense of humour, a cloud of smoke and more than a few fingers of booze, but they can plug into the web too. Yep, they don’t just preach in their live sets, they have their own radio show and a backlist can be streamed off their website. We’re writing this to the sounds of ‘May 2019 pt.1’, so if you want to get into the Black Deer vibe why not tune into their hour long episodes.
Here’s the link to their site, straight to the 2019 radio page: https://www.whiskeypreachin.com/radio-2019
You can, of course, find them at Black Deer Festival this summer, where Shamblin Sexton and Señor Mick will be preachin in person.

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