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Black Deer Focus: Worry Dolls

Black Deer Focus: Worry Dolls
We’re not sure there’s a better name for a band than Worry Dolls if you want to soundtrack events in both the US and UK… okay, there’s a few, but Worry Dolls is the only one you can say uncensored. It’s also the name of a marvellous duo, Zoe Nicol and Rosie Jones. Both talented multi-instrumentalists and singers who harmonise brilliantly, they met at Liverpool when they were studying music and first worked together as part of an initiative involving Paul McCartney. 
Yes, that Paul McCartney.
Whatever else came from that programme, we got Worry Dolls as the pair decided to continue writing together, left college as a duo and have toured both as a pair and with a backing band. A debut album followed in 2017, ‘Go Get Gone’ on Bread and Butter.
We’ve got the song Tidal Wave for you today, with a video shot on an inevitably drab British beach, but we promise this blend of Americana and UK will have you dreaming of sunnier climes. We’ve also got Train’s Leaving, which gives us hints of both Jewel and Emmy the Great, and we lead off with an example of how they great are live, Shaking in our Boots…
They are playing the Black Deer Festival this summer: https://blackdeerfestival.com

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