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Black Lips drank booze from Ronson’s Grammy

Best only admit to it now.

Ah, rock star excess. While throwing televisions out of a window is now cliché, there’s plenty of other ways to act like a twat / rock star. A new one to us comes via Cole Alexander of the Black Lips, who once visited Mark Ronson’s house while a friend was house sitting.

Then "We were going through his Grammys and so my friend poured some champagne into the Grammy cup and we started drinking out of it,” he told Spinner, “It was like the fountain of youth but the fountain of Grammy -- like, I knew when I tasted out of there, I was going get me one of these, like, 'We gotta work with this guy.'" And they have, the result due out in June 6th. So remember stars, best coat your awards in rat poison or something.

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