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Blink 182: 'we’re more than dick jokes'

Blink 182: 'we’re more than dick jokes'
Blink 182 are going still strong into a twenty five year career, which isn’t something we anticipated when we first heard them. Oh god, was it that long ago? Sorry we need a moment to consider our lost youth.
And we’re back. Anyway, the band are keen to explain that they’ve developed, and here’s Mark Hoppus talking to NME about it: “I feel like we’ve dispelled all of the misconceptions… We cut ourselves with our own sword. People think that we’re just a bunch of idiots who run around, tell fart and dick jokes, but that’s what we did – that was totally us for about 10 or 15 years or whatever. We’ve always been more than that and people who grew up listening to Blink knew that there was a different side to us.”
And what is that side? “People know what Blink is. We are that, but we’re also ‘Stay Together For The Kids’, ‘California’, ‘Adam’s Song’ and ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’. We’ve come a long way from just wanting to play fast and loud and stupid and talk for five minutes in between songs and say dumb shit to wanting to play a really good show.”
So basically, if you wrote them off at any point these last couple of decades, maybe stick your toe back in. They might not make a double entendre out of that anymore.

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