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Bloc Party frontman 'envied the Kaiser Chiefs'

Bloc Party frontman 'envied the Kaiser Chiefs'

In a recent blog post for the Guardian, Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke talked about the bands formative period: "I remember in 2004 when my band Bloc Party were preparing to put out our first record, 'Silent Alarm', we were touring, meeting lots of bands who were slated to release albums in 2005. I remember really getting on with the Kaiser Chiefs, they were funny and charming. They reminded me of a 'Parklife'-era Blur meets Super Furry Animals and, although the music wasn't my thing, we became friends."

He continued: "They ascended into pop superstardom with their million-selling 'Employment album' and a volley of truly remarkable singles. While we couldn't get a single on the radio, these guys seemed to be all over it,"

However, this played to Okereke's advantage: "I couldn't help but feel envious but I let those feelings motivate me. We wrote 'Two More Years', a song about longing in the face of frustration. It went on to become our biggest radio hit and it opened many doors."

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