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Blur’s drummer is now a Labour councillor

Blur’s drummer is now a Labour councillor
Even though Britain is gearing up for a General Election, many people had to vote yesterday in council elections. The results were a combination of apocalypse for UKIP, and the Tories popping up in Scotland like a weed fire can’t kill. Oh, and Blur’s Dave Rowntree was voted in.
Yes, Blur drummer Dave is now councillor Rowntree for Norfolk County Council’s University Ward. He got a lovely 59% of the vote, and told the Beeb “music side was on hold.” Indeed, “Blur are not doing anything this year as a band. We tend to do things when something interesting comes along,” he said. “No-one else from Blur is running for county council but you never know. We are an unpredictable lot.”
Minus points for Neil Bowers who tweeted “He's going to need some 'Coffee & TV' now after this resounding result.”

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