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BoJo the Clown is Prime Minister so let’s look at his favourite songs

BoJo the Clown is Prime Minister so let’s look at his favourite songs
92,000 people out of a population of over sixty million have chosen the new Prime Minister, and it’s Boris Johnson, aka the man who once colluded to have a journalist beaten up. As we face a future being led by an egomaniac with a weak grasp of reality and a mastery of lying, let’s do what we do as Supajam, and cover some music.
When you want to learn about the musical tastes of the establishment, you turn to Desert Island Discs. At least, if you want to learn what someone’s PR team thinks they should be a fan of, because how many people really pick? So let’s see what Boris chose. His self declared favourite was Variations on the St Antoni Chorale by Brahms, and there is a certain cliché about upper class politicians liking classical music so that choice and Bach’s St Matthew passion won’t surprise.
But when it comes to the question of Beatles or Stones Boris refuses to pick and selects one from each: Here Comes the Sun and Start Me Up respectively, and you bet he’s blaring those right now as he begins his time in office. But… but what’s this he’s picked…
Pressure Drop by The Clash?
The Clash? Does anybody actually believe Boris listens to one of the most politically aware and anti-establishment punk bands of all time? He also selected Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs, and we’d have put Boris down as a man who didn’t have any black friends. We suspect the intern.
You’re also allowed to take a luxury and he chose a large pot of French mustard. Not with the inevitable tariffs you’ll cause Boris. For his book he wanted an Indian edition of Homer to translate, which is a suitable selection as that’s an over the top fantasy bearing little relation to reality too.
Boris once said he wanted Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds played at his funeral and then proceeded to murder it by ‘singing’, and we feel you should suffer too. Enjoy listening, and make a mental note of this for the future, when you’re selling bottle caps you’ve scavenged from behind the Trump enclosure to the American guards in exchange for ration packs:

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