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Bobby Gillespie: why aren’t bands resisting the right?

Are they?

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie isn’t afraid to make his political views known, and at the moment those are Britain is turning ever more to the right in politics. But speaking to Topman magazine, Gillespie revealed he’s disappointed in the current crop of bands because no one is fighting back:

“We're living in very extreme times, but that doesn't seem to be reflected in the music that I hear or the art that I see…It seems that people are kind of asleep or they're anaesthetised or they just don't care. It just seems that there's no sense of revolt or resistance in art at the moment, whether it be music or the visual arts."

Indeed "Our country is heading towards being more right-wing and countries all around the world are getting more and more right-wing. There's less rationality, less liberalism, less love around. There was always a lot of love around, but it seems we're heading towards unenlightened times and nobody's talking about it or writing about it or even noticing it."

Do you agree with this, and are there bands out there, working in their localities, who are speaking out?

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