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Bombay Bicycle Club Dislike Own Name

So you’re young, you’re creative, and you need a name for your band. If you’re Bombay Bicycle Club, you take inspiration from a chain of Indian restaurants in London. But then, a little while and a little success later, maybe you’re not that keen on a moniker which, basically, some people call silly. Unless you happen to be a bicycle club in Bombay. This is apparently what happened, because when the band was talking with the Yorkshire Evening Post about an older name, the Canals, they said "We hated that name, not that we like our name at the moment." In attempting to explain things a little more, they take a swipe at the Arctic Monkeys: "That's what happens when you start young – then it just sticks. We are just trapped. But the Arctic Monkeys are successful." Surely underestimating the powerful advertising effects of monkeys?

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