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Bon Iver recalls 'friendly' argument with Kanye West

Bon Iver recalls 'friendly' argument with Kanye West

If a detailed history of Kanye West tells us a few things, it's that he argues a lot and that it can ugly. However, his unlikely new friend and collaborator Justin Vernon of Bon Iver has detailed that - yes - they've argued but it was actually "friendly".

"I got in a friendly argument with Kanye West about the word humble once," Vernon recalled in a new interview with the New York Times. "He said, 'Have you ever looked up the word humble?' I was like, 'Actually I don't know if I have.' And he showed me the definition of it, and it's far more self-demeaning, kind of the problematic Midwestern 'Sorry!' mentality, than I realised."

"I took a lot out of that conversation." Vernon conitinued. "Ultimately, I think it's great to serve others and everything, but I think there's a certain point where it's diminishing returns for the people around you if you're not showing up and being who you are."

Bon Iver's new album '22, A Million' is due on September 30. 

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