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Bose accused of spying on customers and selling data

Bose accused of spying on customers and selling data
Get your tin foil hats ready: a company has been accused of collecting personal information about you and selling it to third parties. Oh, no, right, that’s how the whole fucking internet works.
Anyway, Bose make stereo equipment and headphones for people with a lot of money and no ability to google what actually plays good music, and a law suit has been filed against them, which means the rest of this post has to have the words ALLEGEDLY in big letters.
So, Kyle Zak has accused Bose of using their connect app to both allow users to send music wirelessly to speakers and headphones, and also using the app to log what’s being sent, and then sell it to people who you might not want knowing you cry at midnight over your lost love each night, because why else do you have that Aldous Harding album on repeat. 
Or as the suit puts it, “reveal sensitive information about themselves that suggests their politics, religious views, thoughts, sentiments, and emotions.”
Bose haven’t commented, they’re having a money fight.

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