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Brandon Flowers talks honestly about family mental health issues

Brandon Flowers talks honestly about family mental health issues
We are encouraged to talk about mental health issues more than ever before, but that’s easy to say and hard to do when, if you do open up, you’re met with the same ignorance. One man who is not ignorant is Brandon Flowers, and he’s spoken of his wife’s mental health issues, how they affected his writing, and he shows he understands perfectly.
Speaking to NME he said, “My wife has PTSD. She has a version called Complex PTSD. It’s when a person has had multiple traumatic experiences. Her whole life, she’s been covering it, pretending it isn’t there. For whatever reason, in her 30s, it’s decided to really manifest itself and that’s what I’m going through with my family.
Usually I feel protective of her but I decided to take it head on. So ‘Rut’ is about her submitting to it. She got severely depressed and it wasn’t until she sought counselling and got a name for what was going on that it helped.
Now she submits to it – that doesn’t mean that she’s gonna let it beat her, but rather that she’s gonna finally acknowledge that it’s there and promise to break this cycle.”
If only everyone was like this

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