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Brian Molko talks cross dressing and confronting homophobes

Brian Molko talks cross dressing and confronting homophobes
Brian Molko has always been famous for his gender crossing appearance, but it turns out there was more to it than just expressing himself.  (Not that expressing yourself isn’t great, and at the time we certainly appreciated the way Placebo helped to broaden gender.) He’s been speaking to Kerrang about the early days when he cross dressed to maximum political effect, and yep, political is the word he used.
“My intention was never really to shock,” he said. “The cross-dressing was more of a political act. We were trying to challenge the homophobia that we’d witnessed in the music scene. Basically, I wanted anybody who was slightly homophobic in the audience to look at me and go, ‘ooh, she’s hot. I’d like to fuck her’, before realising that ‘her’ name was Brian, and then have to ask themselves a few questions about, shall we say, the fluidity of sexuality itself. It was an aesthetic choice, but it was also a political act.”
He was attacked, of course he was, people are bastards, but “No matter how much abuse I got, I was the one with the microphone, and I always came out on top.”

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