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Bright Eyes release new single

Bright Eyes release new single
Bright Eyes have been away far too long, but on August 21st we’ll get their first album in nearly a decade. Called Down in the Weeds Where The World Once Was it, in their words “ functions on a global, apocalyptic level of anxiety that looms throughout the record. But on a personal level, it speaks to rooting around in the dirt of one’s memories, trying to find the preciousness that’s overgrown and unrecognizable. For Conor, Mike, and Nate, coming back to Bright Eyes was a bit of that. A symbol of simpler times, vaguely nostalgic. And even though it wasn’t actually possible to go back to the way things were, even though there wasn’t an easy happy ending, there was a new reality left to work with.”
The single we’ve got today is Mariana Trench, which has a spiffing video too. 

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