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Bristol Zoo under heavy criticism for playing loud music the lions don't like

Bristol Zoo under heavy criticism for playing loud music the lions don't like

Punks don't like disco; rockers don't rave; metal heads don't jive to Emo - lions definitely aren't into anything loud.

There are a number of axioms concerning the tribes of music that ring true, and the latter on that list was a faux pas that Bristol Zoo committed over the weekend.

Yes, the South Western animal park hosted a 1,500 capacity event that was blasting out loud tunes, so the lion certainly couldn't sleep that night. They have since come under criticism from animal rights groups.

Bristol Zoo's statement reads: "Our experienced team of animal keepers have confirmed that although our lions showed a level of interest in the event taking place, they were categorically not displaying signs of discomfort."

"Our two male lions were monitored throughout the evening by our qualified animal keepers. The lions were hand-reared by our keepers after being abandoned by their mother at 13 days old. As such, these keepers became their “mother” figures and they still have that association. Any pacing displayed by the lions is often in anticipation of seeing someone they know and not as a result of event sound levels."

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