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British public votes Mrs Brown's Boys as 'best sitcom of the century'

British public votes Mrs Brown's Boys as 'best sitcom of the century'

If 2016 will be remembered for something, it won't be the death of David Bowie or the passing of Prince, but rather the British public's voting.

You know what I'm talking about - yes. Of course, I'm talking about the results that rolled in today: the fact that Mrs Brown's Boys has just been voted the "best British sitcom of the century" by British TV audiences.

"Lost for words... and that doesn't happen to me very often," creator Brendan O'Carroll said on the news. "Myself and Jenny [Jennifer Gibney, his wife and co-star] are dancing around the living room. I can die happy now... but I'll take my time."

"It vindicates the fans' belief in the show. They have kept us on the air - it certainly wasn't the reviewers," said Brendan O'Carroll, who also created the comedy. "There is an audience out there that comedy forgot - that Are You Being Served? audience has been left behind. Us winning this award proves that."

Yes, for we - the British people - have claimed back what we are all about: men in drag, lewd gags, fart jokes and headbutting pork pies. I'm tearing up with pride writing this, so I'm going to stop.

Here's the complete Top 20, as voted by British TV audiences: 

1 - Mrs Brown's Boys, BBC One (started 2011)

2 - The Office, BBC Two (2001)

3 - Peter Kay's Car Share, BBC One (2015)

4 - Count Arthur Strong, BBC Two (2013)

5 - The IT Crowd, C4 (2006)

6 - The Thick Of It, BBC Four (2005)

7 - Gavin & Stacey, BBC Three (2007)

8 - Miranda, BBC Two (2009)

9 - Raised By Wolves, C4 (2015)

10 - Outnumbered, BBC One (2007)

11 - Peep Show, C4 (2003)

12 - Black Books, C4 (2000)

13 - Green Wing, C4 (2003)

14 - The Inbetweeners, C4 (2008)

15 - Bad Education, BBC Three (2012)

16 - Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, C4 (2001)

17 - Yonderland, Sky1 (2013)

18 - Twenty Twelve/W1A, BBC Two (2011)

19 - Benidorm, ITV (2007)

20 - Detectorists, BBC Four (2014)


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